Medical identity theft

When you hear the term "identity theft" you probably think about your credit score and financial identity being compromised. But there's a new type of identity theft that's becoming more common: medical identity theft. 

What is medical identify theft?

Medical identity theft occurs when someone steals your identity and either opens a medical insurance policy in your name or uses your current policy to get medical treatment or prescriptions. This can result in incorrect information being added to your medical records or new, fake medical records being created in your name. You can be denied or lose your healthcare coverage as a result.

What you can do to protect yourself

  • Carry only the identification you need when you go out
  • Have your Social Security Number removed from your health insurance card
  • Shred your charge receipts, insurance forms, and physician statements in a cross-cut shredder
  • Request to see your medical records periodically and verify that they're correct

How Allied can help

If you've got an Allied Identity Theft policy, you're already covered for medical identity theft. Our trained professionals can help if you become a victim by:

  • Reviewing credit reports with you to identify fraudulent accounts or notices on the credit records, and finding contact information for those creditors
  • Disputing fraudulent accounts and bills with the facility, medical provider or insurance company
  • Reviewing full medical records with you to catch any fraudulent services, medicine or equipment
  • Having your medical records reviewed by our in-house medical team, which consists of professional doctors and nurses, who can provide recommendations if there is a clear distinction between fraudulent and real records or if any re-evaluation is needed to clear medical records
  • Contacting the facility, provider, and health insurance to request that erroneous information is deleted, amended or corrected
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