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Allied can help if your identity is stolen

Identity theft is one of the fastest-growing crimes in the United States, and undoing the damage of a privacy loss can take more time and money that most people realize. If you're a victim, Allied Identity Theft Protection can help you recover.

Identity theft occurs when your personal data (such as your social security number or credit card) is used without your permission to commit fraud. Criminals use your information to make expensive purchases, open new accounts — even rent apartments.

It's estimated that ID theft victims pay nearly $95 the first month alone for professionals to resolve the damage — about double the annual cost of Allied's Identity Theft Protection insurance. Victims of medical ID theft have it even worse; it can cost thousands for medical professionals to review and resolve medical records and other traces of the crime.

Personal identity threats

Your identity can be stolen and abused in a variety of ways, such as:

  • Wallet and purse snatching
  • Mailbox raiding to obtain bank and credit card statements
  • Trash and dumpster diving
  • Online skimming and phishing of your personal data
  • Email scams by crooks posing as legitimate companies
  • Corporate data breaches
  • Credit reports obtained by thieves pretending to be an employer

How Allied can help

If your identity is stolen, it could be weeks before you realize it. By then, the thieves have moved on and you're stuck undoing the damage and paying the bills. Allied Identity Theft Protection can cover certain expenses needed to restore your identity, and includes a no cost credit monitoring that keeps track of inquires and changes made to your credit report. (One person per policy; other family members can enroll for a nominal fee).

What about your online transactions and other activities? Keep online thieves at bay before they strike with our Online Data Protection, which protects against SpyWare and phishing attacks to steal your personal information as you bank online, enter passwords on social media sites or process other online transactions.

Sign up for credit monitoring with TransUnion/TrueCredit

Allied offers credit monitoring and Online Data Protection through our partnership with Europ Assistance USA. The credit monitoring service is also provided through TrueCredit, a wholly owned subsidiary of TransUnion, one of the largest credit agencies in the world.

Sign up now for credit monitoring and the Online Data Protection Suite.

Already enrolled in credit monitoring?

If you're already a TransUnion/True Credit member, sign in to your account for unlimited access to your TransUnion credit report, credit score reporting and personalized tips. 

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