Home Security Systems

Leaving lights on, stopping the mail while you're away, getting a nice, loud dog — these are all good ways to prevent burglary. For an added level of protection, many homeowners choose a home security system. We can help you choose between the many home security systems on the market.

Types of security systems

Home security systems are much more affordable today, with systems available for most any budget. Alarms can be programmed to detect opened doors and windows, motion, smoke and breaking glass. Traditional systems are hardwired with contacts placed on doors and windows. Newer wireless models are cheaper and require less installation.

Selecting an alarm system company

When shopping for a home security system, look for a local, full-service company that can handle installation and provides 24-hour service and monitoring. Get written quotes from several companies, check references and choose a company that assumes responsibility for unacceptable equipment or installation. You may be asked to sign a monitoring contract. Be sure to find out the monthly rates and how often they may increase.

Additional benefits of a home security system

In addition to protecting your home from theft, many systems can also monitor your home for carbon monoxide and water damage. And you may be eligible for an Allied Homeowners Insurance policy discount if you have an alarm system professionally installed in your home. Your Allied agent can provide you with more details.

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