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Commercial umbrella insurance can help if you are sued

Business is risky, and every company faces the possibility of an unexpected lawsuit. If a legal judgment or settlement exceeds the limit of your existing liability coverage, your assets could be at serious risk.

Understand your risks

Despite your best efforts, accidents do happen and you could be sued.

Allied business umbrella insurance helps protect the financial future of your company by covering damages that exceed the limits of your underlying liability insurance and in some instances, where your underlying liability insurance does not apply. It's a smart, affordable policy option that helps protect the business you've worked so hard to build.

Consider these possibilities: 

  • You're found liable for a customer's injury at your business. 
  • One of your products causes illness or injury to a customer. 
  • One of your employees driving a company vehicle causes an accident resulting in injuries to others. 
  • A fire originating from your operation destroys neighboring businesses.

How umbrella insurance helps

If you're sued for $1.5 million but only have $1 million in general liability insurance, an Allied Commercial Umbrella Insurance policy could pay the outstanding $500,000, leaving your business assets or profits untouched. It's our best defense against an unusually high loss when the limits of an underlying policy have been reached.

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